Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Congratulations Preschool!

Wow! The year has ended! What a year it has been, too! The events of the world forced us to be resourceful, risk-taking, self-motivated learners. We learned a lot about technology and ourselves during this time but Preschool never stopped trying!

Some fun statistics for you:

Last week alone, Preschool we commented on each others learning 101 times!! We posted 64 learning engagements!
And...drum roll...since we began remote learning three months ago, you all posted 1,640 posts of learning, creations, discoveries, and sharing!
You're the best

Preschool dancing in celebration of their awesomeness!

I look forward to learning with you again in first grade! Until then, I will leave you with this borrowed poem and wish you a healthy and fun summertime!

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Sunday, 7 June 2020

First Week Back!

Preschool returned to school this week with bells on! Everyone remembered the rules that keep each other safe and did their very best to keep their distance, wash their hands, not share, and clean up.

Thinking, writing, and drawing about how we feel:

Learning together but at a safe distance in the next room with Ms. Faye:

Playing in the new yard at a safe distance:

At the end of a successful first day back:

Next week we will be in school on Tuesday and Friday again for half-days with no snack. Please dress appropriately (light clothing and running shoes) as we have recess outside and are not using air conditioning due to the need for proper ventilation. Also don't forget a hearty, healthy breakfast to hold the students over until lunch time. Online learning will slow a bit to give space for our student-led conferences. Please book your conference if you have not already.

The last week of school we will be in school on Monday the 15th from 9am-12pm with no snack. The last day of school (Tuesday, June 16th) will be a final time to meet with the specialists (PE, German as a Foreign Language, Japanese・こくご) and we will have one last online meeting to celebrate all they have done in Preschool! I will send an invitation with the time once the specialists have confirmed their schedule.

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Coming Back to School!

We are so excited to see you all on Monday! We will still be continuing online learning the days we are not in school but we will be mostly focusing on preparing for Student Led Conferences next week.

This post is packed with information about the return to school and reminders of things already sent via email from the office. Please take the time to read through the information here and be on the lookout for a personal email with the books your child should be returning to school next week! Thank you always!

In this post:
When Are We In School?
Safety Procedures
What to bring?
Student Led Conferences
Yearbook Photos

When are we in school?

Monday, June 1st
Thursday, June 4th
Tuesday, June 9th
Friday, June 12th

Safety Procedures

As we all know, COVID-19 is still circulating so we have to take precautions to allow students to return to school. Please discuss these things and why they are important with your child this weekend so they are mentally ready to return. Practicing keeping a safe distance and how far 1.5 meters is at home will also be helpful. Think of creative ways together that they can connect with their friends from afar - air high fives or hand symbols, etc.

Please arrive at school between 8:50am and 9am. We will begin checking temperatures and open the gates at 9am. All students need to line up 1.5 meters apart outside of the yard gate in the morning. Please stay with your child until we begin temperature checks as they might need reminding not to play close together. For more information, please see the Parent Information letter emailed to you May 27th and uploaded in your child's Google Classroom.

In school they will be asked to stay a safe distance (1.5 meters) from others. To avoid the spread of germs, they will not be able to share items. Most students have colored pencils and pencils at school, but if you think your child doesn't, please send those along with a glue sick to school with them. This also means they will not be able to use shared items like blocks and legos while in school. Thank you for talking about why this is important with your child.

What to bring?

  1. Mask 
    1. must be worn at all times - practice removing using the strap behind the ear for drinking
  2. Pencils, colored pencils, stick glue if none left at school
  3. Zipper Bags with readers
  4. Library Books (I will send an email with a list)
  5. Water Bottle (we will not be allowing use of the fountains so please make sure they have enough water for the morning)
  6. Math game brought home February 28th (I will send an email with picture)
  7. Weather appropriate, comfortable clothing and hats (we plan to play outside, if the weather is nice and we will have windows in the classroom open for circulation.
Please note we will not be having snack in Preschool during the half-days back. Also, please keep the calendar binders at home for now as they will be keeping up with them for the next 2 weeks. The students can return them to school on Friday, June 12th.

Student Led Conferences

Please choose a time for you and your child's student led conference here.
All time slots must be booked a week in advance so please book as soon as possible. For example, if you want to book the conference on Monday, June 8th, you need to book it by Monday, June 1st.

Please read the Student Led Conference Guidelines sent to you via email and posted under Documents for Parents in your child's Google Classroom.

Yearbook Photos 

For our Yearbook, we didn't have a photographer visit us so - We need your child’s picture with a happy face, head and shoulders size. Please make sure to save the picture by your child’s name.

  • Size - 1mb minimum
  • Style - Passport but smiley face!

Per the email sent to you earlier in the week, this is due by May 30th at 11am.
For security--- You need to access the folder via your child's email account you use for Google Classrooms---PLEASE DON’T USE YOUR PRIVATE EMAIL ACCOUNT
Upload the photo here please. 

Whew! The last two and a half weeks of school are here and I am so proud of Preschool and all we have accomplished!! The next two weeks will be focused on giving everyone an opportunity to catch up with anything missed as well as preparing for Student Led Conferences. Thank you always for your support and I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!
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Friday, 17 April 2020

Friday, 3 April 2020

Remote Learning Week 4

Preschool this week!

We met individually and in groups:

We shared our thinking in Seesaw:
And we collected a lot of reading stars!


In our Unit of Inquiry on Living Things we are thinking of how we grow and change as humans and have begun an investigation to see how a seed grows. 

We are all sad and disappointed that the school closure has been extended for another week; however, we value the health of the community and are all doing our best. If you  

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Have a Great Spring Break!

We did it! Two and a half weeks of remote learning! As they say in Japan: otsukaresama deshita. Thank you for your time and efforts to maintain Preschool's learning during the physical school closure.

In 8 school days, you learned two new learning management systems (Google Classrooms and Seesaw) and the students were sharing their thinking and learning about 36 times a day! I notice a few of you reading in Raz Kids too! Hats off to Preschool!

Some have asked if they can continue completing the learning, practicing, and sharing over the break and of course I encourage that. Please also remember to take a much-needed break for you and your family.

If you do choose to complete the learning, please don't forget to look at the full day of learning on Google Classroom first (there is a slideshow for each day from the 9th) and then if you need to view or post anything in Seesaw there will be a link there. As it is a holiday, I will only be approving posts a few times a week and not providing feedback until we return from break. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

March 19th-29th     Spring Break!
March 30th              First Day of Swimming in PE (see supplies list below)

Swimming will be every Monday after Spring Break. Please make sure your child has the following swimming gear on their return from Spring Break:
  • A waterproof bag
  • Swimwear
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Rash vest (optional)
As we walk to and from the swimming pool, I also suggest something to keep wet heads warm on cold days.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Week 2 of Remote Learning - You Did It!

I am overflowing with pride for Preschool today. We have taken a challenging situation - sudden school closure - and THRIVED! Nine days ago we were all new to online learning tools like Seesaw, Google Classroom, and Kids A-Z. Today in Seesaw, we have OVER 200 journal entries of Preschool sharing their thinking! I miss seeing them in person like crazy, but every time I click PLAY and hear them speaking, singing (or playing the harmonica or piano for me!), and see their smiling faces doing their best to learn no matter where they are, it gives me the MOTIVATION to do my very best for them too. When I say I am proud of Preschool - I mean our entire community: parents and students!

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  1. Please complete the learning engagements IN ORDER. We build understanding, so it is important that the students do not skip around in literacy, maths, unit of inquiry, and music. It is absolutely okay if you haven't been able to do everything everyday. However, when you DO have time, please work your way through the learning in the order it was given. 
    Complete all of the How We Express Ourselves: Celebrations reflections, show & tell, and summative task BEFORE beginning the new unit on How The World Works: Living Things.

    Complete all of the Maths: Measuring tasks in order for length, before moving on to capacity and then completing those in order also.
  2.  Please don't feel pressured to complete anything in one sitting. In the classroom students often work on a task for 15-20 minutes then move on and come back and finish the next day or later in the day. However, don't upload your learning until you are finished the task and have done your personal best. It is about the learning, not how much or how fast you complete it.
  3. Please let your child do the thinking and talking as much as possible. It is important for me to see and hear what they are thinking and doing so I can respond to that in future learning tasks and feedback. It is not about a "right" answer - it is about the thinking and learning process. Also, it is important for their confidence that they have a chance to do things by themselves.
  4. When working with Seesaw and photos. The best option is to take the photo within Seesaw. They have a free app for most devices you can use or access the web version. That way you don't have to worry about file compatibility. If you do have to upload photos you took outside of Seesaw, please take a second to make it as large as possible within the page. 

If your post looks like this to you:

It looks like this to me when I am reviewing:

It is too small to see without my taking extra steps to go inside the post. Please make sure the part I need to see is large in the screen by clicking and dragging a corner of the picture until it looks something like:

Then it will look like this to me and take less time for me to provide feedback:

Also, please make sure you rotate photos that have writing in them. Again, I think this will all be easier for you if you take the photos or videos within the response in Seesaw. Thank you for taking the time to do this, I often have more than 30 posts to review and give feedback to each day (there were over 70 waiting for me Monday morning!) so it is time consuming for me to have to click inside and edit. 🙏🙇

Thank you Preschool for an engaging week of learning and sharing! 
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